is how long it will take to close the gender gap in leadership.



Creating impact through influence, inspiring the role models of tomorrow to help shape the future of leadership.


Giving women the tools and community they need to give them confidence.

Join a global community of exceptional women. Access a network of diverse thinkers to build relationships, share ideas, develop a positive mindset, and accelerate your career.



Providing women with the tools and knowledge to make a greater impact in their organisations.


Building a community of like-minded women to support, influence, and inspire one another. Giving women the opportunity to build the relationships they need to succeed.


Empowering and equipping next generation leaders with the necessary skills that will enable them to identify and manage mental health issues in the workplace, whilst promoting emotional and mental wellbeing amongst employees.


Strengthening the collective power of women leaders for the purpose of creating meaningful change and inspiring the next generation of leaders.


Inner Circle

You will be matched with a circle of like-minded women to help you navigate and elevate your journey working in tech & finance.


Being part of a tribe gives you the power to network, virtually or in person, to discuss common challenges, and open opportunities to grow.


Expand your knowledge and skills by attending Masterclasses where you can learn from some of the best industry leaders.

Resilience Coaching

Understand your current level of resilience and receive a personalised action plan using data insights.

On Demand

Access to the TRIBE community app to keep on top of current trends and maximise your time for learning. Tune in to live and pre-recorded Masterclasses from inspiring and influential women and men in tech and finance.

Successful companies
not only attract women,
they retain and empower them.

Successful tech companies not only attract women, they retain and empower them.


Don’t just take our word for it…

Part of my mission as the COO of CrossTech is to provide the right tools and ways for other women to fulfil their career growth. My plan for 2023 is to be able to give women a place and a voice to be able to partner with other leaders to make a difference.

Priscilla D’Oliveira Friedman

COO at Cross Tech (TRIBE leader)

Priscilla comes with an extensive background in operations management, strategy, process improvement, consulting, and training.

Priscilla started her career in American Express where she led a variety of teams in the call center industry.

After 9 years at American Express, Priscilla moved her skill set into the Education industry and led a team in Laureate to deliver a new digital product. After 5 years in Laureate, Priscilla joined Crosstech as Chief Operating Officer where she is optimising operations and will continue to deliver excellence in servicing, relationship management and build upon the company legacy.

A great friend and colleague once said - never underestimate that a small group of committed, thoughtful individuals can change the world, in fact it is the only thing that has.

Helen Duguid

Former Head of Great Leaders for Microsoft
(TRIBE Coach)

The former Head of Great Leaders for Microsoft, Helen is a distinguished global leadership coach and one of the world’s leading experts on applying the Clifton Strengths in the Boardroom.

Helen became an independent in 2003 and has built a highly successful practice in the technology, financial, construction, and education sectors. She has over 30,000 hours of coaching experience and in the past three years alone has worked with over 100 executives, on projects ranging from long-term organisational change to leadership development programmes.


Invest in your female talent, unlock their full potential

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